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Event Booking

We host events- birthday parties, bridal showers, graduation parties, and more!

Contact us and we will help plan the perfect day!

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With inspiration driven by Rumi, a legendary poet, this group explores the wonderful world of poetry. Whether you are writing your own or reading from time-honored texts, you are welcomed here every Thursday at 4:30 pm. The age range might be varied, and the experience levels all over the map, but the passion is the same for all who come. Contact Michelle Lucchesi at


Dance Lessons

Highland Blush is the home of performers and entertainers and thus a great place to come in and learn something new or prepare for that special moment presentation. If you or someone you know would love to dance a Foxtrot, or learn to Salsa, let us guide you with expert instruction. Contact Damian Sanderson at


Coffee With Dems

The first Tuesday of each month with get together to chat up a storm about anything and everything that is going on. This is meant to be a nonjudgmental social event where we discuss the happenings of the world with our favorite beverage and people.

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